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She then gives out a strict set of reasons with her "booty beauty" being the only reason to "ride" and that being physical would be only be sensational and that his love would be insatiable to please.The video begins with a cruise boat floating around and her Blackberry phone ringing to her song "Ix-Nay" in which Elise answers.Judging from her instagram feed, the first single from the album is either called “Champion” or “U Don’t Need to Know” and we can expect to hear it real soon!“After the #Round3 #Champion &#UDont Need2Know cover photo shoot, @eliseestrada and I hit the boxing ring to see who would prevail…It also depicts Estrada dancing and singing in a plaza in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia.As of 2017, Estrada only performed this song during Filipino Day 2007, Summer Rush Wonderland 2007, a concert series in Guilford Town Centre, and Summer Rush Wonderland 2008.The video for this song was set in Vancouver's shore and the downtown area of Vancouver.The choreographers of the video were Joanne & Alex Pseusich The director of the video is Ali Visanji, the producers of the video is Ken Firth and Adam H., the development producer is Norm Li and the editor for the video is Piet Suess.

With realizing that it's the "stalker", she goes on to hanging up and calling her friend to which she says, "Hey, he called again. " To which the song begins to play as she scantily moves around the outside seat of her boat in a black coat-dress, jewellery and tan heels.

The other part of the video is when she dances around a plaza like area with her backup dancers in downtown Vancouver, in a bikini like shirt and dangling belt with her skirt and gold heels.

On the boat, it also shows two police officers in which she interacts with them to find the stalker and the stalker checking out the previous photos taken only to be caught by the police.

It infuses Pop and soul with funk, as well with Electropop and R&B styles.

The song samples Prince's "I Wanna Be Your Lover" as the bass of the song.

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It peaked at number 44 on Canadian Hot 100, and on the Canadian Adult Contemporary Top 40 at number 1 throughout the summer of 2007and is also on radio station CFBT-FM's regular rotation.

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