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Q: Why do you think harmonizing trich regulations and testing across states is important for producers and veterinarians?A: A 12-month-old virgin bull may be required to be tested in one state but not in another, therefore, import requirements are unknown until a bull is actually sold.A: Trich regulations arose based on grassroots producer input over several years.Each state formulated rules based on their unique experiences and these still influence industry positions.Subsequent delays to complete testing create delays and unnecessary costs throughout the bull-marketing channel.When rules are standardized, they are predictable, so producers and veterinarians can be better prepared before the sale and ship bulls as soon as the ink is dry on the buyer’s check.

Five states report having changes pending and expect to meet the standard by 2016.Cheap Flights to El Cajon: Enter your dates once and have Trip Advisor search multiple sites to find the best ... Hotels near (SAN) San Diego Intl Airport · Hotels near (TIJ) Rodriguez Airport · Trip Advisor. El Cajon is served by San Diego Intl Airport (San Diego, CA) ... Additionally, rulemaking can be time-consuming and highly cumbersome.Therefore, there can be considerable delays before rules “catch up” to a desired standard.

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A: Three reasons contributed to the genesis of the survey.

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