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Rather wonderfully, he’s sampled his tennis-playing partner’s famously loud on-court grunts for one of LMFAO’s tracks.Shakira and Gerard Pique: It’s fair to say Spain and Barcelona footballer Gerard Pique enjoyed a fruitful 2010 World Cup.He made Michael Phelps, who is a legit 6'3", look like a weak 6'2".Redfoo is a tall guy I think 6'1" suits him well, but as I said before I do very much doubt he's a legit 6'2".said on 3/Dec/17Rob, see photo of Redfoo with Afrojack: Click Here I think that Afrojack does not require downgrade, but like most people I think Redfoo needs a light update!In my opinion, 6'1.25" (186 cm) is more suited to Redfoo! said on 25/Apr/14Andrea says on 15/Apr/14 6'1 is for sure closer but he really doesn't look over a weak 6' with Kobe ;) --- True but Kobe is a guy who looks taller than he is in a lot of photos.But a million Hello covers, 200 fragrances and four kids later, Posh ‘N’ Becks now stand on the brink of world domination.Ashley & Cheryl Cole: Before becoming the nation’s sweetheart, Girls Aloud star Cheryl Tweedy was busy not endearing herself to the public – assaulting a nightclub toilet attendant and dating then Arsenal defender Ashley Cole.

Let’s hope it wasn’t all a lie, rather like someone’s career.

Despite his family business, his priority then was tennis.

He began to take music seriously only when he was 16 after he heard some Christmas raps. He realized that the dance music back then didn't have much rapping or singing in it. To make his vision a reality, he formed the band LMFAO, and recorded the song ‘I'm in Miami Bitch’, which eventually became his debut single and catapulted him to popularity.

Not only did he win the thing, he hit it off with Shakira while filming the video for the tournament’s official song – sung by the Latin-pop fusion queen.

Thankfully, the couple resisted the temptation to name their first-born after that World Cup ditty – Waka Waka: This One’s for Africa.

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