Online dating sites for introverts

Also, when you engage in online dating, it is easier to take a break and recharge your batteries.

Another great thing is that you can get to know a person and don’t have to rush into actual face to face dating.

That's why James Sun, the cofounder of Anomo, is keeping his app under the radar for now. Anomo is an app that launched in February for i Phone and Android as a location-based dating app.

But Sun recently found a whole new audience and pivoted the service into a social network for introverts, as counter-intuitive as that sounds.

In the not so distant past, online dating had a stigma attached to it; after all, who would choose to be matched with someone online unless they couldn't get a date in person?

People often have misconceptions about introverted persons or people with social anxiety disorders.

Most people I know think that introverts are just shy, which isn’t true.

Despite their need for solitude, introverts are looking to date like everyone else. Introverts are perceived as great listeners and easy to be around.

Also, conversations with introverts tend to be deeper and more meaningful.

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