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However, if you turned off automatic updates or the updates haven’t been downloading and installing for some reason, it’s worth checking and re-enabling automatic updates.

If you don’t, and your computer is running Windows 8.0 or 8.1, you’re more at risk of ending up with malware than if you update to a version of Windows which is still getting security patches.

Although Windows Update is the easiest method for getting the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which was released yesterday, you still may have to wait while the update continues to roll out to more than 350 million devices around the world.

However, the second easiest method will bump you to the head of the upgrade line so that you can immediately install this second major update to Windows 10 and get your system up and running Version 1607 (OS Build 14393.10).

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By the way, the Windows 10 Update Assistant is even easier to use than the popular Media Creation Tool (MCT) from Microsoft.

This may be news to some, but Microsoft announced that people would need to update to the latest version a long while back.

To check which version of Windows 8 your computer is currently running, look on the Start screen for a magnifying glass icon near the top-right corner.

If you’re on the desktop, rather than the Start screen, then press the Windows key on your keyboard or the Windows logo on a tablet.

When Microsoft stops supporting an operating system, cybercriminals will look for and take advantage of any security holes that haven’t been patched in those versions.

As with old versions of Internet Explorer, those holes and vulnerabilities will never be patched, so it’s crucial you update to the latest versions.

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