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When most people think about innovation, they think of companies like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google because those companies appear to have some kind of magic that other organizations lack.

If your company wants to make lightning strike repeatedly, consider these points.

In today's technology-driven world, "innovation" has become a basic expectation.

IT leaders are tasked with making technical magic, improving customer experience, and boosting the bottom line -- yet often without any increase to the IT budget.

Like a loving arm it wraps me in a strong and secure embrace.

I know you're there to protect and ensure my total enjoyment, ensuring structure and protection to the animal instincts that I can feel deep within my body; deep yet stirring more and more as the time ticks by.

I picture how you must be seeing me from your perspective at the end of the bed. In a magical moment I’m proud of my womanly form, proud that I turn heads with my femininity.

Proud that of the arousal that I’m so easily capable of creating in everybody.

Suddenly, the months of fear, acceptance, want and intrigue come alive and my heart rate explodes, beating faster and faster as the moment of truth begins. You have gone absolutely quiet, your breathing and the smell of your body the only things giving away you’re there at all. It remains motionless as if asking for permission to continue. Her touch is like the softest kisses I’ve ever experienced and within seconds my body tells me that the effect she’s having on me is very much sexual. And Debbie Adams and Marty introduced me to lesbian sex.Couldn’t have been a better summer, but as August waned I returned home and readied myself for a return to school.The next the woody, herby smell of late summer evenings whafting through the open windows and around the room, fuelling my most basic animal urges.I can smell the warmth that the sun's rays have provided the countryside and I can feel primeval longings for new adventures and reckless acts.

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