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Based on the fact that Ebony claims to be bisexual but never has any sexual relations with any girls while getting with practically every guy she sees, Dudley comes to the conclusion that Ebony is actually straight but that she considers being "Bisezual" a "Goff" thing.Therefore, her repressed It explains why there doesn't seem to be any kind of logic in the universe of the fanfic.Britney and Darkness escaped, and they, as fugitives through the world of Fanfiction, became its greatest Sue-horrors, assuming roles in different fanfictions: the Griffindor/Preppy Sue, and the Slytherin/Gothic sue.Tara wants to drive all of us crazy so that she can take over the world. What if she makes an even more terrifying Brown Note that drives us to insanity?So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.This is what happened: A Christian girl named Tara leads a perfectly normal life; loving family, great group of friends, Harry Potter books to enjoy, and a massive love of butter.

Maybe the hacked chapter wasn't the end of the hacking? "Das Nightmare b4 Xmas", the fact that they always say "Yah"? Tara wrote this to improve her skills from her home in Munich. It got away with it for a while because the Grammar Police couldn't find it through the internet, but the Hacker tipped them off where it was, and just after Ebony shooted 'Avada Kedavra' (and missed), the Grammar Police barged in and arrested everyone in the story, thus preventing the travesty from continuing.

The Signature Style is even worse, the notices to "stop flaming u prepz" are more insistent and poorly spelled, and numbers are used as replacements for words more often (2 instead of too more often).

Surely you'd think she'd learn something about writing over time, rather than her style decaying more?

The timeline didn't start bifurcating when Enoby went back in time, though.

Rather, Marty Mc Fly caused the first bifurcation before the story even starts - Enoby just made things worse. The timeline finally became too chaotic to support organic life.

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Most people assume Tara's main goal was to troll the Harry Potter fandom like never before.

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