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Sexual partners and close household members should also be tested.

There may be a nine-week period right after infection when they may not test positive for HBs Ag even if they have been infected.

Also, you can suggest that your family members get screened for hepatitis B and vaccinated if needed.

If you were infected at birth, there is a chance that your siblings may also be infected.

When a hepatitis B infection lasts longer than six months, it is considered a chronic or long-term infection.But, if you no longer test positive (or “reactive”) for HBs Ag after six months and you develop hepatitis B surface antibodies (HBs Ab), then you have cleared hepatitis B after an “acute” infection.There are some additional blood tests that your doctor may order to get a better understanding of your infection, but not everyone has access to these tests. 0 COUNTRIES 0 MEMBERS 0 SUCCESSES W e' re different. Times of India brings the Latest News & Breaking News Headlines from India & around the World. FAQ CONTACT BLOG Where single Muslims meet Halal, free, and fun.

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