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However, the Grid View on Sam's screen still shows the product name in the editable Grid View row as "Chai".A few seconds after Jisun's changes have been committed, Sam updates the category to Condiments and clicks Update.Enabling optimistic concurrency for a Table Adapter in the Typed Data Set augments the Table Adapter's statement, for example, updates the name and price of a product only if the current database values are equal to the values that were originally retrieved when updating the record in the Grid View. Since we are passing in the original values into the BLL, do There's one final property setting that needs to be made in order for the Object Data Source to correctly pass the original values to the BLL methods.The , that DB direct methods were those that accepts a list of scalar values as input parameters (rather than a strongly-typed Data Row or Data Table instance). The Object Data Source has a Conflict Detection property that can be assigned to one of two values: .Without any concurrency policy in place, when two users are simultaneously editing a single record, the user who commits her changes last will override the changes made by the first.For example, imagine that two users, Jisun and Sam, were both visiting a page in our application that allowed visitors to update and delete the products through a Grid View control.

To have this Table Adapter employ optimistic concurrency control, simply check the "Use optimistic concurrency" checkbox. To see why this is important, take a moment to visit our page in a browser.When using optimistic concurrency, the DB direct method overloads that accept Data Rows and Data Tables rather than scalar values) must be changed as well. original_reorder Level, bool original_discontinued) method expects a Data Row, an array of Data Rows, a Data Table, or a Typed Data Set. With the Object Data Source's properties properly configured, let's turn our attention to setting up the Grid View.Rather than extend our existing DAL's Table Adapters to use optimistic concurrency (which would necessitate changing the BLL to accommodate), let's instead create a new Typed Data Set named Business Logic Layer class that has the appropriate modifications to support the optimistic concurrency DAL. There are no additional input parameters for specifying the original values. First, since we want the Grid View to support editing and deleting, click the Enable Editing and Enable Deleting checkboxes from the Grid View's smart tag.Since we used ad-hoc SQL queries in our original DAL, use this option here as well. In our BLL, then, we must accept all of the original parameters as input parameters. Products Optimistic Concurrency Row product, string product Name, int? Additionally, we still need some interface that alerts the user when a concurrency violation has occurred. Refer back to Figure 2 for a graphical representation of this process.Figure 4: Specify the Data to Retrieve Using an Ad-Hoc SQL Statement (Click to view full-size image) On the following screen, enter the SQL query to use to retrieve the product information. Specifically, the Grid View's original values are assigned the values in the two-way databinding statements each time the data is bound to the Grid View.

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