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Once a book’s been sold, though, the agent needs to take a backseat to the acquiring editor.

One big difference between the editing I do now compared to when I was an editor is the work I do helping authors develop their nonfiction proposals, which is some of the most demanding and satisfying work I’ve ever done.

The thing to remember is how profoundly subjective the experience of reading is; and for the most part it’s no less subjective for agents and editors than for anybody else.

With a straight face, I’m going to ask: Do you edit your clients’ manuscripts?

And do most agents mark them up with so much (truly illegible) ink?

OK, I have no idea whether the ’57 Caddy came in turquoise, nor whether it sported the elegant tailfins I see so clearly on nasty Aunt Trudi’s.

And, lo and behold, that turquoise 1957 Cadillac convertible she’s had up on blocks all these years is yours!

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