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They love family and can’t wait to start their own.You’ll have a big, fun wedding too, because that’s what families are for. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from Nebraska in the comments below!Who wants to have to get all dressed up and fancy for every single date?Your Nebraskan is laid back and will make sure you have plenty of fun, casual dates at Runza’s.This site combines internet resources with actual in-person encounters that allows singles to maximize their potential for finding that special someone.Those who become online subscribers are not only exposed to other members enrolled in their data base, they are also entitled to a 25% discount at Hurrydate live parties!

The guys and girls on Metro Date are there to have fun - in whatever way you're thinking.

Whether you are interested in meeting singles of a particular heritage, body type or religion, On Speed Dating likely will have an event dedicated to your specific interests.

These are a perfect opportunities for you to meet up to 20 like minded singles in just a few hours, maybe even someone you sat down next to on the subway earlier in the day!

Read our hand-picked list of the top 10 speed dating sites nationwide.

Learn which online speed dating experience is best in your city.

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Cheap, fast, easy - thats what online speed dating is all about!

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